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  • Cydnei Jordan

Between me & you:

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

I’ll never forget this girl I didn’t know walked up to me at Everyday People to tell me she loves For My Girls. It was actually hilarious because I responded, “I’m too drunk to take this compliment right now, I might cry.” Then I gave her the longest hug. Days later, that moment was still playing back in my head because I couldn’t believe that I was able to touch someone like that. Since then, I’ve taken this opportunity very seriously because of what I’ve seen it can do for other women and for myself. 

When I practice listening--thoroughly and uninterrupted--I gain the tools to disarm these beautiful women. These photos honestly take place amidst long conversations, lots of laughs, sometimes wine, but most importantly, some intense truths. The other day I was scouting locations with one of the girls and she was sharing some very important things about herself. I interjected to say, “I’m listening, but can we take this picture over here?” After getting the pics, she thanked me for letting her know I was listening and she continued to tell me more as we walked back to my house to change. Having the privilege of capturing someone while they let their walls down is very rewarding because it reflects in their beauty. More often than not, before the shoot is over they don’t want it to end. 

While I love thrifting, I love styling, nothing is more rewarding than giving a woman the opportunity to feel like that bitch. When I say this is for my girls, I mean this is for us because when I gave that girl that long hug at Everyday People, my girl knew exactly what I was saying: “Thank you.”